Message from the President of Kansai cccj

Message from the President of Kansai cccj


  The predecessor of the Chinese chamber of commerce in kansai is the Chinese economic group in Kansai established on June 27, 2013. It is the Kansai branch of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

  At present, there are nearly 300 business members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, whose businesses cover information, energy, finance, trade, processing, transportation, environmental protection, service and other fields.

  The Chamber of commerce provides a variety of exchange platforms for its members, so as to share rich resources and business opportunities, and jointly build an influential network of Chinese businessmen in the world, so as to contribute to economic and trade, education, culture and social development. Being a member of the General Chamber of commerce can not only share a strong sense of belonging and identity, but also enjoy a variety of services, facilities and activities.

  Since the establishment of the chamber of Commerce, it has actively provided business information for member enterprises, created business opportunities, built a business platform, and comprehensively promoted the development of member enterprises with the help of the integration of platform and platform resources. On the other hand, the chamber of commerce actively and extensively exchanges with various economic groups in Kansai and China. With the help of regional advantages and resources, the chamber promotes economic exchanges between China and Japan, taking business as a bridge, and Promoting Sino Japanese friendship and multi-level economic activities between the two countries.

  In addition, with the help of the century old brand of overseas Chinese businessmen and the platform of the world's Chinese businessmen, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Kansai will actively promote the common development of Chinese businessmen in Guanxi and the world. It has become a window for communication between Kansai and overseas Chinese business groups.

  It is hoped that more Chinese businessmen will join the chamber of Commerce in the future to develop together and create the future together.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Kansai